Ros Walker

Digital Accessibility Adviser

Ros joined Student Services in October 2021 as Digital Accessibility Adviser. She has responsibility for:

  • Assistive Technology for students (supporting all students with hardware, software and adjustments for using digital technology)
  • Accessible formats for learners (converting texts into suitable formats for learners to use in their studies. We work with a wide variety of media and formats.)
  • Digital Accessibility across the University (support and professional development for academic schools to develop their approach to digital accessibility, thereby creating and using ‘born accessible’ resources.)

Ros has a degree in Russian and a PGCE , which led to a career which has focussed on how computers support learning and teaching. In 2016, Ros was awarded an MSc in Multimedia and E-learning and Senior Fellow HEA in 2021, with case studies around digital accessibility and inclusive practice.

Ros loves working directly with students and seeing the difference the right technology can make in the way that studies are approached. Current projects centre on the use of AI as an Assistive Technology and Pre-sessional courses for incoming disabled students on the use of digital technology for learning at University.

Digital Accessibility Basics

Study Skills at the University of St Andrews

Outside work, Ros enjoys time with her teenage children, cats, family history and crochet